Beach Dune Daisy


BOTANICAL NAME Helianthus debilis
CATEGORY Ground Cover
HEIGHT 1 to 2 Feet
ZONES 8 to 10
NATIVE Throughout Florida
LIGHT Full Sun
SALT TOLERANCE Yes – good for beaches & dunes

Once you plant this on the property and it flowers and seeds – look out – it is tough to get rid of.

In the early days of the garden I was really happy to have this plant because it would grow quickly and recklessly.  However, as soon as the rainy weather started here would come the Mealy Bugs and fungus and it would start to rot and get ugly.

Fortunately, it is easy to dispose of.  Once I had a huge patch of the Daisy and when it started to give trouble, we simply rolled it up as if it were a carpet and put it in a garbage container.  Quite entertaining.   Other than at ground zero, the roots that are put out at nodes are  quite shallow.

Before throwing Daisy out  we first shake the seeds here and there around the beach planting areas so that we have a constant supply of new plants.

Beach Dune Daisy is definitely a great plant to have in your arsenal to fill holes in a seaside garden until you find just that right plant for the spot.  You can also cut the Daisy back to the roots and it will snap right back.  You can pay the Daisy plants little to no attention because they are so hardy.