Before I knew that Beautyberry was salt tolerant I never thought for one moment that this plant could survive the salt spray for even a day because it looks so delicate.  How wrong I was! Beautyberry grows very happily at Villa Maria less than 20 feet from the Bay.


BOTANICAL NAME Callicarpa americana
HEIGHT 5 – 6 Feet
ZONES 8 to 11
NATIVE Southeastern U.S. – throughout Florida
LIGHT Full sun or shade
SALT TOLERANCE Salt & Drought Tolerant

Beautyberry is also quite happy further inland and whether you put it in sun or shade it is happy.  What a nice plant to have in the garden!

As you can see in the pictures, the beauty of Beautyberry lies in the seeds.  They are normally a deep magenta or white color and borne right along the stem between the leaves.

Flowers are whitish pink but not significant.

Beautyberry needs to be cut back hard each year but comes right back and is green and lovely in no time and  ready to burst forth again and provide you with another year of happiness.

Plants are scattered all over the place at Villa Maria.