Rouge Plant

Rouge Plant – Rivina humilis – is an absolutely delightful wildflower.  It is self seeding but is not agressive.  I use it – or better said – I allow it to grow in any spot where there is a temporary hole.  Nicest thing about Rivina is that it is very easy to remove.  No nasty roots to fight.


BOTANICAL NAME Rivina humilis
HEIGHT 3 – 5 Feet
ZONES 9 to 10  – South Florida & Caribbean
NATIVE South Florida
LIGHT Full sun or shade
SALT TOLERANCE Salt  & Drought Tolerant

Rivina never stops delighting the garden without being agressive. Rivina seems to spring up where ever there is an empty space.  Since it is pretty – it can simply stay in that spot until you are ready to put in a pernament plant.

Flowers of Rivina are small and white and born on a short spike.  The fruit are a beautiful red.

Rivina will do well in either full sun or shade although I think that it really prefers a shady spot because that is where I find them springing up the most.

As I said – one really nice thing about Rivina is that once you have to remove it – no problem – it comes right out with little effort.

When Rivina gets leggy – simply cut it back and it will come right back in no time.