Scaevola, Inkberry

This is one of the first plants that I acquired at Villa Maria and it has survived 13 years in the garden.  Plumieri was very cute when it was young but as it got older it was not exactly the prettiest plant in the garden as wanted to sprawl, tangle and layer on top of itself.  As it sprawled it became leggy.

BOTANICAL NAME Scaevola plumieri
HEIGHT 3 – 5 Feet
ZONES 11-Oct
NATIVE South Florida & West Indies
LIGHT Full Sun
SALT TOLERANCE Salt  & Drought Tolerant

Scaevola plumieri is a tough plant.  Flowers are white and the fruit are black.  The leaf is succulent.

One thing that I have learned is that if you try to clean up plumieri and do away with the old leaves that have dropped off and are around and under the plant plumieri pitches a fit and starts to die back. Plumieri obviously needs something out of those leaves.

So, I have found a spot for plumieri and the only maintenance that I do is to prune it back when it starts to overstep it's bounderies. 

Plumeri has been on the property now for 13 years and survived Wilma handily and so it is here to stay.  It's habitat is about 30 feet in from the seawall.

Scaevola frutescens, which is a non-native variety, has given this plant a bad name. Frutescens is invasive and can eaily be identified by it's white fruit.  The leaf of frutescens is not succulent.