Wild Coffee

Villa Maria has three different Wild Coffees and I love them all. This is one of the "Top Ten" plants and a must have in your collection. The plant is very rewarding.



Pyschotria nervosa, P. sulzneri &             P. bahamensis 

HEIGHT 5 – 10 Feet
ZONES 10 to 11
NATIVE South Florida & West Indies
LIGHT Sun to Shade – nice understory plant
SALT TOLERANCE Not really  – not drought tolerant 

The Coffees are easy to grow and also easy to propagate from cuttings.  I use P. bahamensis on my borders and P. nervosa behind that.  These plants form a terrific understory and seem to grow anywhere including under the palms and in between the stoppers.

Flowers for the coffees are white and the fruit is red.

Closest plant that I have to the water is about 30 feet.  Still working on experimenting closer with them.

P. sulzneri grows in a shady spot where I can keep my eye on it.  I never encouraged it at large in the garden because it gets quite tall and leggy.  I do however love the gray-green foliage of sulzneri.

I cut the coffees back at least once a year otherwise they tend to get black soot.  Fortunately, they instantly snap right back.